Zero Waste

Working to make Vassar plastic and landfill free

Zero Waste


Food at Vassar

We've been working with Bon Appetit, Vassar's catering provider, to reduce food waste and increase composting. All of the single-use containers that the Deece, Express and the Retreat provide are compostable. For this waste, there are receptacles for compost in the College Center and the Deece. Please use them! But be careful not to contaminate with plastics. Currently, we're working on getting compost bins in the dorms and the Bridge. Learn more about BonAppetit's sustainabilty programs below.


Making Orgs Sustainable

We're working with Campus Activities, the Sustainability Office and the VSA to make Green Kits! These kits come with compostable utensils and plates, as well as compost bins and educational materials! More updates to come! Reach out to a sustainability intern for ideas on Zero Waste events.


Education & Outreach

We encourage the use of reusable utensils, straws, cups, plates and water bottles! There are water bottle refill stations throughout campus-go wild!