Environmental Stewardship

House Sustainability Representatives

The Offices of Residential Life and Sustainability are working to roll out a pilot program that will provide select houses with a sustainability peer educator during the 2019-2020 school year. 

Ultimately, we hope to build up a network of people dedicated to the goals of increasing sustainability consciousness on campus and creating a more intentional and uplifting residential environment.

What will a Sustainability Peer Educator (SPE) do? First of all, they will consult with house teams to help minimize waste from food, utensils, or other items during events and study breaks. For students, an SPE will stand in as someone to approach with any number of questions about practicing a more sustainable lifestyle both within the house and across campus. 

The SPE will seek answers to these questions as we work to energize the residential community toward reducing environmental impact. In addition, an SPE can help facilitate projects like composting in dorms, provide informational resources and recommendations, and share updates on sustainability-related events and activities on campus.